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Kate was raised on one firm rule. Stay in the Castle. Her father told her many times that her prince would only come for her if she remained in the castle. Through the many years she waited, Kate began losing hope. She was tempted to give up, leave the castle, and marry a man of the village like her older sister, Camellia. It did not seem like her prince was coming. Kate knew what she had been told by her father. Her prince would one day come for her, but could she hold on any longer?



Aaron always knew he was meant for something greater, but he did not know what it was. He did not realize what laid within him until a mysterious beggar appears.



Mr. Squirrel had the best home and the most food of all the animals in the forest. Mr. Hedgehog had very little and gave a lot of his food to other poor animals. Therefore, who is the richest animal of the forest?