If you don’t see…



You fail only…

For my writing friends.... Keep it up!!!!:

Do not give up even if you seem like you are failing at writing. You fail only if you give up on your story. Do not look at the circumstances. Keep writing anyway, and inspiration will come to you. It does not matter how many rough drafts you go through. Keep writing until you get the story you want.

Excerpt from The Prince

“I’ve always felt like I was meant for something more than what I have become, something greater.”

“Even after they told you last night that your parents were servants?”

“Something within me did not agree with that. Something within me has been crying out I am more than that.”

John and Sarah exchanged puzzled glances.

“Do you know why you have been feeling that way?” asked the man. “No, but I desperately want to know.”

“Aaron, you are something more. You are the son of a king and queen of a nearby kingdom. You are a prince.”

John and Sarah gasped as Sarah’s hands flew to her heart. John’s and Sarah’s faces paled as they stared at Aaron wide eyed as if seeing him for the first time.

Aaron was dumbfounded as his heart dropped to his feet. He could not find his voice. All he could do was stare at the man. Him? A prince? Impossible! “How-How can that be?” Aaron was finally able to croak out.

“You always felt in your heart you were something greater than what you have become because you are. You are a prince.

“The enemy wanted to destroy your parents and your kingdom, so to keep you safe because of their love for you, they commissioned one of their most trusted servants and his wife to send you away to live as a peasant as a disguise so the enemy could never find you. It seems as though their plan worked.”

Aaron lowered his head in his hands. This was too much to take in. Was all that he had been feeling for as long as he could remember because he was a prince? Royalty flowed through his veins?

“A prince? Oh my,” Sarah whispered. Aaron looked up and saw John and Sarah still staring at him as if this was their first time seeing him. Aaron knew it must be a shock for the only parents he had known in all his twelve years. “If we had known, we would have done all we could to give you so much more than what we have given you,” said John. Aaron shook his head. “No, there would have been nothing you could have done any better than what you have done. You both have raised me, taught me right from wrong, and loved me unconditionally. I am honored to have called you my parents for the past twelve years.”

Sarah began sobbing uncontrollably and tears shone even in John’s eyes.

If Aaron, indeed, was a prince, he would make sure he did all within his power to reward John and Sarah handsomely. They deserved that and so much more.

Aaron turned to the man.

“Could I step outside for a few moments? I need some time to think.”

The man nodded. “I understand.”

Aaron rose from his seat and trudged outside.

He exhaled the breath he had been holding and breathed in the fresh air. The air inside the cottage became thick and suffocating, or was it the man’s news of who Aaron was?

Aaron shook his head.

He could not be a prince. How could someone like him be a prince? He certainly did not deserve that title.

Excerpt from The Castle

As she was cutting off a few fresh grown daisies, she heard footsteps behind her.  She paid no mind to it.  It was most likely one of the servants coming to tend to the garden.  She went about her business cutting flowers until she heard someone clear his throat directly behind her.

Kate gasped, jumped up, and swirled around.  Her heart pounded fast and hard like a beating drum.

She berated herself for coming outside alone.

There was no way to escape from the village man now.  She was face to face with him with no castle to protect her this time.

She straightened up, squared her shoulders, raised her head, and looked the man in the eye.  She was not about to give the man the impression that she was a fearful, weak woman who would fall easily for his traps.

“May I help you, sir?”

She tried to keep the iciness out of her voice.

The man bowed.

“Good morning, your Highness, such a fine day, yes?”

Kate did not answer him.

She was ready for him to be on his way.

“I have heard that the princess was beautiful.  I wanted to come see for myself.”

Kate was mortified, but she tried not to show it.  She would not encourage the man.

“If you have no business here, it is best you were on your way,” said Kate with as much dignity as she could.

Her fingers were clawing into her skin before she realized her fists were balled up at her sides.

“Do you not want to hear what I came to say?  There is a dance tonight in the village.”

Kate groaned inwardly.

Not again.

“It is a lot fun.  You will get to meet a lot of new people and just have a wonderful time.”

Kate did not blink once.

She had learned her lesson.  She will not make the same mistake.

Kate knew the consequences for leaving the castle.  It was plain to see with Camellia.  Kate knew what was right and that was to stay in the castle.  She knew what her father had taught her all these years.  She would not back away from them now.  She had come too far.  She will stand.

“I am not interested, sir.  I have no desire to go to the village or to dance with you or anyone else.  My place is here in the castle, and here I will stay,” Kate declared sternly.

The man simply stared at her dumbfounded.

Kate noticed motion behind the man.

She looked and saw a beggar coming up the lane.

She saw her chance to escape. There was no servant around to help the beggar so she must do it.  “If you will excuse me, there is someone who needs my help.”

Kate lifted her a dress a bit to prevent herself from tripping over it and ran down the lane to the beggar.

Once she reached him, she saw it was a man hunched over on a cane.

“May I help you, sir?”

The beggar looked up.

Kate’s heart went out to the man.  He was very frail, and he looked like he had not eaten in days.

“Do you care to bless an old man with some water and bread, miss?”

“Of course.  It is no trouble at all.  Come with me.”

The beggar followed Kate up the lane to the castle where one of the male servants ran to help the beggar into the castle.

Kate retrieved her basket of daisies she left on the ground and went into the castle.

She thought back to the man from the village.

She smiled as she walked to the dining hall.

She had overcome.