About the Author


          Mariah Holloway first started writing stories when she was seven years old, and she has been writing ever since. She has always enjoyed making up her own stories, bringing all her thoughts and ideas alive on paper. When she heard, read, or saw something that fascinated her, Mariah was quick to write her own story about it. When she was young, she would draw pictures on each page of her stories to convey what she was saying. She would then tie all her pages together with string and draw herself a front cover, and there is her story. Mariah’s love for writing increased as she took English classes in elementary school through college. Her desire is to bring people to the Lord through her writings. She wants people to take a message from each of her stories that will encourage them. When she hears something in a sermon or a song that could possibly make a good story, Mariah quickly writes it down. Not only does Mariah express her faith through her stories, she also expresses her passion for history. Each of her stories takes place during historical time periods that has always fascinated her. Mariah is also a proud member of Stitches Thru Time writing blog! Along with her passion for writing, Mariah enjoys all things vintage, antique stores, reading, traveling, painting, and photography.


     Mariah Holloway was born in Gainesville, Florida but spent most of her childhood in Greenville, South Carolina. She has a twin brother and a younger brother and sister. She was raised in a Christian home by loving, godly parents. Mariah grew up going to church and having family devotions at home. Growing up as a child when she was not in church or school, Mariah took piano and sewing lessons. She enjoyed participating in piano recitals and festivals and playing in nursing homes during holiday times. She also enjoyed sewing things such as pillow cases, purses, and skirts growing up. However, Mariah now spends more time with her other hobbies such as writing, reading, and art. Mariah and her siblings were homeschooled from kindergarten to twelfth grade. She is currently at a university pursuing her degree in English and minor in History.